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disclaimer: I am not Archy nor am I affiliated with him in any way. i update as i get information & i'll occasionally ask questions that aren't archy related & please be kind when asking questions!! :)

Anonymous: Would you ever write king krule fan fiction ? Xx


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Anonymous: archy recently deleted a lot of his tracks on his dj jd sports soundcloud and i was wondering if you or anyone had saved them n if yall could share it???? thanks!!

oh wow! but i can’t figure out which tracks are missing so like are there any specific songs you’re looking for? and if anyone has any of these tracks saved, you can submit them here!

lol i really didn’t see this coming

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King Krule, oil on box, 2014

King Krule at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sydney, Australia. 

King Krule/Archy Marshall